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Setting up Syncthing on the Steam Deck (Updated!)

Syncthing is an incredible tool that I use to keep pictures, music, notes, and games synchronized across multiple platforms. The form factor of the Steam Deck makes it a perfect emulation target, and Syncthing can help keep games and saves in-sync with other machines.

Oblivion on Linux, with Mods! Part 2 - Mods

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion still has one of the more active modding communities. In this, part 2 of my journey to get Oblivion modded and running on Linux, I'll cover some of my favorite mods.

Oblivion on Linux, with Mods! Part 1 - Tools

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is one of my favorite games of all time. The vanilla game holds up, but mods take the game to an entirely new level. Getting it working on Linux requires a bit of configuration, bit is surprisingly accessible! This is part 1 of my journey.

Character Write-up: Dabbledop Humblebumple

The backstory of a Gnome cleric/wizard I played for a single session!

Pathfinder Characters: Eldritch Knight

The Eldritch Knight represents my favorite archetype of a fantasy character: sword and sorcery. Here's how I build mine.

Pathfinder Characters: Let's Make a Druid

One of my favorite activities is creating characters. I love theory crafting, pouring through source material, and setting limits. While I've made many, many characters, one class I haven't touched is druid.

Pathfinder One-Shot: The Crater of Igrevor

The first of several one-shot adventures I ran for Pathfinder

Character Write-up: Jhoric Stonehammer

The backstory of my proud cleric of Moradin, Jhoric Stonehammer.

Character Story: Gabriella's Fall

A story I wrote about the consequences of the actions of Gabriella, a paladin in D&D5e

Character Write-up: Halvar, Rune Bearer

The backstory for my first character in a new 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Meet Halvar, a brash young warrior looking for glory!

Character Backstory: Azulien Blackblade

Here's the character backstory for one of my older characters from a game long since forgotten: Azulien Blackblade. Enjoy!

Random Thoughts 1

I'm on vacation this week, which is pretty grand. Thus far I've accomplished one of the 4 rather meager goals I set for myself, played plenty of games, caught up on some reading and videos and feeds, and slept in far later than I should have.

Farewell to Windows Tour 2015

It has come time to bid Windows farewell. Once upon a time Windows was the only digital world I knew. It began when I was young, during the venerable 3.1 era. I remember booting up our family computer into DOS, and before starting Windows I could start Doom 2 or Keen's Dream, or any number of other games. That was my first interaction with a command line. My, my, how times have changed.