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Character Write-up: Dabbledop Humblebumple

The backstory of a Gnome cleric/wizard I played for a single session!

Pathfinder Characters: Eldritch Knight

The Eldritch Knight represents my favorite archetype of a fantasy character: sword and sorcery. Here's how I build mine.

Pathfinder Characters: Let's Make a Druid

One of my favorite activities is creating characters. I love theory crafting, pouring through source material, and setting limits. While I've made many, many characters, one class I haven't touched is druid.

Brief Exploration of Syncthing

Syncthing is an incredible tool. In this post, I want to explore setting it up, and then some uses I've found for it.

Pathfinder One-Shot: The Crater of Igrevor

The first of several one-shot adventures I ran for Pathfinder
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