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Funkwhale on Linode with Object Storage

Funkwhale is a cool project, building a federated music platform. I wanted to explore Funkwhale's ability to store music and associated files in object storage, and since I already use Linode for my VPS, leveraging their object storage offering makes a lot of sense.

Setting up Syncthing on the Steam Deck (Updated!)

Syncthing is an incredible tool that I use to keep pictures, music, notes, and games synchronized across multiple platforms. The form factor of the Steam Deck makes it a perfect emulation target, and Syncthing can help keep games and saves in-sync with other machines.

Brief Exploration of Syncthing

Syncthing is an incredible tool. In this post, I want to explore setting it up, and then some uses I've found for it.

Using BTRFS to setup a simple RAID, with subvolumes, snapshots and backups

BTRFS is a file system, and includes built-in functionality for RAID. I decided to use it for the storage disks in my desktop. Here is how I set it up, using subvolumes, with snapshots and backups.

Random Thoughts 1

I'm on vacation this week, which is pretty grand. Thus far I've accomplished one of the 4 rather meager goals I set for myself, played plenty of games, caught up on some reading and videos and feeds, and slept in far later than I should have.

An Examination of TLS, Part 2

TLS, more often referred to as SSL, is the means by which a secure connection is established over a computer network. Part 1 examines how to establish a secure connection using TLS. This article examines further the techniques and technology that makes TLS secure. Specifically, a brief examination of certificates, cipher suites, and public-key authentication.

An Examination of TLS, Part 1

TLS, more often referred to as SSL, is a means by which a secure connection is established over a computer network. In this introductionary post, I layout the steps to establishing a secure connection.