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Seneca's Letter to Lucilius, Letter 6: On Sharing Knowledge

Knowledge withheld is only partial. Sharing knowledge, and experiencing it, fosters improvement!

Seneca's Letter to Lucilius, Letter 5: On the Philosopher's Mean

In this letter, Seneca explores the concept of All Things in Moderation, but with a Stoic twist!

Seneca's Letter to Lucilius, Letter 4: On the Terrors of Death

Letter 4 was the first letter I ever read. Seneca discusses death, life, and how to deal with both. I found it during a time of great anxiety and strife, yet even now I find it enlightening.

Seneca's Letter to Lucilius, Letter 3: On True and False Friendship

Letter 3 deals with friends, and I don't mean the number shown on Facebook. True Friendship, to Seneca, is a place of honor!

Seneca's Letter to Lucilius, Letter 11: On the Blush of Modesty

Letter 11 deals with accepting our faults, staring an unexpected quote from Epicurus.

Seneca's Letter to Lucilius, Letter 2: On Discursiveness in Reading

Seneca's second letter to Lucilius, On Discursiveness in Reading, covers the importance of focus. There's also a quote by Epicurus, which is apparently a feature of many of his letters to Lucilius.

Seneca's Letter to Lucilius, Letter 1: On Time

Seneca's Moral Letters to Lucilius are regarded as one of the most prominent Stoic writings available. My friend Rob and I like to discuss them during a weekly meeting, and I'd like to record my response and thoughts as well. Here's letter 1, On Time

Seneca's Moral Letters to Lucilius

My friend Rob and I have recently been disucssing Seneca's Moral Letters to Lucilius. As a companion to those discussions, I'm documenting my responses to each letter.

Developing Stoic Understanding

Sherman J. Clark wrote a fantastic article on the Stoicism Today blog in December which really spoke to me. It approached some of the questions and problems I've had with Stoicism in an elegant and enlightening way, which has led to my significantly greater understanding of Stoicism.

A Good Friend's Father

A good friend's father died. What can I learn from this?

The Philosophy of Bill, Abbreviated

I consider myself a very philosophical person. That doesn't mean I'm any good at philosophy, I just tend to think a lot about ethics, morality, and happiness. Recently I've been thinking more about my worldview, what I value as important, and how I achieve happiness in my daily life. I wanted to jot down what I feel is a brief examination of my basic tenants; the basic Philosophy of Bill.