Welcome to The Internet Vagabond, a small slice of Internet real-estate for Bill Niblock. Nothing I say is visionary or profound, and sometimes it makes sense. You can find a list of any posts and projects I've made available in the menu on the right. Just click the menu button in the upper-right to view it.

About the Site

The Internet Vagabond is a simple website I use for the rare blog posts I make, information about me and the projects I work on, and a digital plot of e-land. It is programmed as much in HTML and CSS as possible, and designed with a small footprint. The site is hosted on GitHub, and utilizes Jekyll for further organization and optimization. If you're interested in more technical details, check out the GitHub Project page for this repository [WIP]. You can easily get to it via the menu on the right.

About the Vagabond

I'm a computer scientist by education, a technologist by trade, a gamer by hobby, a philosopher by choice, and the list goes on. I'm quite fond of Linux, in particular the command line, and the myriad of fascinating and intricate programs which call them home. I'm an avid gamer, though I tend to shy away from the AAA releases. I am actively pursuing a better understanding of Stoicism, and, more generally, our universe. Learning is my ultimate passion, and I act accordingly to live my passions every day.